Project Updates

Glenorchy’s CBD

Glenorchy City Council currently has underway an exciting project to transform the Glenorchy central business district (CBD). The main focus of this project is the section of Main Road between Terry Street and Barry Street.


A design concept of GCC Main Road is available here (PDF).


Project Stages

STAGE 3 (Main Road - Terry St to Barry St) - This final, main stage of works is broken up into three separate stages, across three financial years:

  • Stage 3A - Terry St to Tolosa St (February 2019 to June 2019);
  • Stage 3B - Tolosa St to Regina St (July 2019 to June 2020);
  • Stage 3C - Regina St to Barry St (July 2020 to June 2021).


Project Update January 2020

STAGE 3A - complete as of July 2019. This first section of works saw the upgrade of the forecourt area in front of Chambers, along with a renewed Main Rd between Terry/Peltro Streets, and Tolosa Street - these works included:

  • New kerb and crosswalk ramps;
  • Redesigned garden beds to accommodate the existing and new trees;
  • New pre-cast seating with wooden seat inserts, the inclusion of power outlets, USB charging ports as well as some recessed lighting within the seats;
  • New paving for the entire area;
  • The addition of another bike-rack;
  • The addition of two new access parking bays; and
  • New garden bed and seating outside The Paddy Wagon Hotel;
  • Tie-in of the Peltro Street cycle link into the new footpath;
  • Upgraded lighting with new, efficient LED globes; and
  • Reduction of traffic lanes at intersections, with wider footpaths, to reduce traffic volumes and traffic speeds.


STAGE 3B - construction commenced in July of 2019, along the Northgate side of Main Rd, with the following now complete:

  • With new kerbing;
  • New access parking bay in front of Northgate (southern entrance);
  • Reconstruction of the corners of Main Rd and Tolosa St;
  • New rain garden and seating at end of Tolosa/Main intersection;
  • New safety bollards.


The 2020 New Year focus for Stage 3B will be the reconstruction of the Tolosa/Main Rd intersection with:

  • A raised-table design to allow safe, pedestrian access at one level from footpath to roadway;
  • Approach ramps to each intersection entry, to create a traffic-calming environment;
  • Paved intersection instead of asphalt to retain the paving design look throughout the entirety of the CBD;
  • New garden bed, tree and seating.


Further works for Stage 3B will include:

  • Completion of Main Rd through to Regina St;
  • New paving for the roadway;
  • Central median strip, flush with the roadway, with new trees and bollards, creating a pedestrian-safe crossing environment.


Previous Updates:

Stage 1 - (Peltro St Cycle Link) - is now complete and ties into the northern side of Stage 3A now that that is complete.

Stage 2 - (O'Brien's Bridge to Barry St) - is also complete. The new footpath/paving design in this section carries over into all other sections of work creating a seamless design pattern for the entire CBD project area.

As the project continues to progress, further updates will be placed on Council's website, Facebook page, and the Glenorchy Gazette.