Northern Suburbs Rail Corridor


The Northern Suburbs Rail Corridor is the decommissioned railway tracks that run from Macquarie Point and through Hobart’s Northern Suburbs, including through all Glenorchy’s major commercial areas.

There has been a public campaign for the reinstatement of passenger rail services on the disused railway tracks since 2009, with in-principle support given by all three Tasmanian political parties at numerous elections since 2010. 

The Hobart City Deal, signed in February this year, allocates $25 million to delivering a transport solution on the Northern Suburbs Transit Corridor to service, and be supported by, urban renewal.

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As part of the City Deal Implementation Plan, Infrastructure Tasmania (IT) has commissioned a Mode Analysis Study for the corridor to determine which mode of transport will deliver the most benefits to Greater Hobart.   

Council believes that introducing a rail service is the best transport solution to reduce congestion on our roads and increase investment and job opportunities in Glenorchy.

A Hobart and Northern Suburbs Rail Service would start in the Hobart CBD near Mawson Place and could theoretically run all the way through to the Transport Hub in Brighton.  It would provide affordable, accessible and reliable public transport to residents of the Northern Suburbs. This would both encourage urban renewal and reduce the number of cars on Hobart’s heavily congested roads.  It would also create jobs and increase opportunities for disadvantaged areas within the northern suburbs by attracting investment and allowing easier and cheaper access to the business and commercial centers of Glenorchy and Hobart.

Council will continue to advocate for passenger rail services to be adopted as the solution to Hobart’s future public transport needs.  We encourage anyone who wants passenger rail in the Northern Suburbs to write to your State and Federal Politicians and tell them that rail is the best public transport option for Hobart!

Download a copy of the Hobart City Deal

Download a copy of the Hobart City Deal Implementation Plan