Tattooing and Body Piercing

Activities such as tattooing, piercing and body modification are considered to be public health risk activities.

If you want to be a tattooist or body piercer you must apply for a licence, register your premises and pay associated fees:


Note: Your premises must first be looked at by an Officer; then, you can complete the registration form above.  The fees for registration and inspection can be viewed in Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges (PDF).

At a minimum, tattooist or piecers working in the Glenorchy area must have completed Australian government training 'HLTINF005 - Maintain infection prevention for skin penetration treatments' (external link), or an equivalent.

It is against the law to tattoo or do body modification on someone under 18 years old.

Related law and guidelines

It is against the law to tattoo or pierce anyone if you do not have a licence, even if you do it for free. If you do so, you may receive a fine and be prosecuted in Court; you may also have your equipment taken.

Please contact us to get more advice about public health risk activities.