26TEN Glenorchy LEARNs Program

Glenorchy City Council (GCC), in partnership with 26TEN, launched a new project 26TEN Glenorchy LEARNs at an afternoon tea at Glenorchy City Council chambers in October 2017.

26TEN Glenorchy LEARNs: building a learning community is a whole of community approach to addressing the learning needs, issues and challenges of our community. The project will increase knowledge and awareness of adult literacy within the Glenorchy community and increase the use of Plain English with business, community and service providers. The project will encourage others to become involved by helping to support people with their learning, or to take the first steps on their own learning journey.

Did you know that 50% of adult Tasmanians do not have the skills they need for everyday life? This means they may have difficulty with filling in forms, reading safety signs, getting their driver’s licence, reading to their children, or using internet banking. It also means that they may not enrol in courses that give them a better chance of getting a job.

Too many adult Tasmanians are held back because they need more reading, writing, numeracy and speaking skills to meet the demands of daily life and work. Many of these Tasmanians are parents or carers. Parents with low literacy often lack the confidence to help their children.

26TEN is changing this by helping businesses, community groups, government, educators and individuals to work together so all adults have the skills they need.

For more information about the project and to find out how you can be involved, contact Project Coordinator Toni Shea-Butler at toni.shea-butler@gcc.tas.gov.au or visit 26TEN or like the 26TEN Facebook page.


March 2018

The Glenorchy City Council volunteer group certainly gave a very warm welcome to project coordinator Toni Shea-Butler when she visited. They had a lively discussion over an Easter morning tea, about the 26TEN Glenorchy LEARNs project.

They were amazed to discover that one in two adult Tasmanians do not have the skills they need for everyday life and work. They discussed how Glenorchy City Council has partnered with 26TEN to work with businesses, organisations and the community to help more Glenorchy residents to fully engage in life, work and community.  They learned that by improving our understanding of literacy and numeracy people can come together to become a community that values lifelong learning.

Some businesses are working hard to learn how they can make their forms and documents clearer to understand by writing in Plain English. Others are getting help for valued employees who need to improve their skills.

It is also community groups that are getting behind the need to be more open about literacy. One volunteer is now considering applying to help others learn new skills.

If you would like to volunteer to be a literacy tutor, contact your local LINC or 26TEN.

Thank you to 26TEN for the article about Fiona and volunteer efforts.

Fiona shares her story about volunteering for 26TEN

March 2018 - Goodwood Community Centre - Toni Shea-Butler

The situation called for everyone to help. The apples were off the trees and needed to be prepared ready for the cooking lesson next week. As our hands were busy peeling and dicing apples, we learned from each other by comparing different ways to get rid of coddling moth from apple trees!

Learning happens in so many different ways. With school years behind us, we may think we have finished learning, but really, we are learning new things each day – how to use a new app, put up a swing set, build a billy cart, or use some new skills at work. By learning new things throughout our lives we build our self-confidence and valuable skills are handed on to other generations.
Glenorchy is a strong and vibrant community, where there are so many exciting opportunities to learn something new. You can learn to swim, make jewellery, improve your spoken English, reading, writing or maths, get your First Aid certificate or even learn about coddling moth in apples! If you are not sure what is available, ask your local Neighbourhood House, the LINC, Men’s Shed or even the local hardware about courses they have coming up. You may discover a new skill or passion, find a new career and even make new friends.

The important thing is that it does not matter what it is, the first step is to get involved and have some fun. Courses and workshops for adults are always relaxed and flexible. Better yet, they are happening right here in your community.

See what's happening at Goodwood Community Centre.