26TEN Glenorchy LEARNs Program

Glenorchy City Council (GCC), in partnership with 26TEN, launched a project 26TEN Glenorchy LEARNs in October 2017. Now, at stage 2 of the project in 2019, it is still going strong. 

26TEN Glenorchy LEARNs: building a learning community is a whole of community approach to addressing the learning needs, issues, and challenges of our community. The 26TEN project continues to increase knowledge and awareness of adult literacy within the Glenorchy community and increase the use of Plain English with business, community and service providers.

The project encourages others to become involved by helping to support people with their learning, or to take the first steps on their own learning journey.

48% of adult Tasmanians do not have the literacy and numeracy skills they need for everyday life. This means they may have difficulty with filling in forms, reading safety signs, getting their driver’s licence, reading to their children, or using internet banking. It also means that they may not enrol in courses that give them a better chance of getting a job.

26TEN is changing this by helping businesses, community groups, government, educators and individuals to work together so all adults have the skills they need.

For more information about the project and to find out how you can be involved, contact Project Coordinator Linda Evans at linda.evans@gcc.tas.gov.au or visit 26TEN or the Glenorchy Library. 


May 2019
The Glenorchy City Council Managers attended a 26TENLiteracy Awareness & 26TEN Chat Workshop to learn more about the 26TEN Glenorchy LEARNs project and what they can do to help others improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

The GCC Managers learned that they can make their forms and documents clearer to understand by writing in Plain English. Others are getting help for their valued employees who need to improve their skills.

They learned  how Glenorchy City Council has partnered with 26TEN to work with businesses, organisations and the community to form a “Community of Practice” to work collaboratively to support literacy and numeracy skills development in the broader community.

26TEN chat