Current Community Engagement Opportunities

We value the input of our community and are open to ideas and suggestions on several projects. You will find opportunities to comment on various current projects/events etc on this page.


Open for Business – Economic Development Strategy for Glenorchy

OPEN until 20 January 2020 

We want to grow Glenorchy’s economy to create jobs for our people, strengthen our community and make our City a better place to live.

We have been talking to people across our City, and we’ve come up with a draft Economic Development Strategy to grow Glenorchy’s economy. It includes five objectives and fifty actions that we think will help create jobs, encourage new businesses, and attract visitors and investors to our City.

Click here to download the draft Glenorchy City Council Economic Development Strategy 2020 - 2025

We'd love to get your feedback on the draft Strategy before we finalise it.

Click here to take a very short survey about the Economic Development Strategy and register to get more information (external link)


Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park Masterplan

OPEN until 15 January 2020

Council recently engaged renowned mountain bike park designers and consultants, Dirt Art, to develop a Masterplan for the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park.

Glenorchy’s Mountain Bike Park, which opened in 2005, has never had an overarching plan to guide its management and development.  A Masterplan is seen as a crucial step in guiding the development of the facility over the next fifteen years with the aim of meeting the expectations of riders and other visitors to the facility and adjacent areas of Wellington Park and Tolosa Park.

The Masterplan will identify where new trails and features should be constructed, identify what infrastructure is required for a contemporary mountain bike park, look at whether some features should be removed or rejuvenated, investigate the options for linking the facility with other biking infrastructure in the City (i.e., the Intercity Cycleway), look at improving the entrance and access into the Park, and propose measures for integrating the facility with Tolosa Park.

As part of the community engagement process for the Masterplan, Dirt Art has designed a user survey to gauge how mountain bike riders use and view the current facility. The survey closes on 15 January 2020.

Follow the link to the survey: (external site)

Further community consultation will take place early in 2020 and will ensure other users of the facility and nearby Tolosa Park have an opportunity to comment on the Masterplan.

For further information on the Masterplan, contact Council’s Environment Unit on 6216 6800.            

Glenorchy MTB park03



Disposal of Council Land

At Council's meeting on the 28th October 2019, it was resolved to commence public notification of Council's intent to sell 7 parcels of public land and to notify the public of their right to object.

In accordance with Section 178 of the Local Government Act 1993 (the Act), notice is hereby given of Glenorchy City Council's intention to sell or dispose of land at the following locations; 

 9 Barclay Crescent, Rosetta    Certificate of Title 8615 Folio 3 and Certificate of Title 9857 Folio 1
 3 Edgar Street, Claremont  Part of Certificate of Title 9041 Folio 2
 5a Taree Street, Chigwell  Part of Certificate of Title 43591 Folio 1
 14a Colston Street, Claremont   Certificate of Title 135712 Folio 1
 15 Hestercombe Road, Granton  Certificate of Title 123374 Folio 1
 345 Main Road, Glenorchy  Certificates of Title 64613, 64613, and 77918 Folio 9, 7 and 2
 Lot 2 Bournville Crescent, Claremont  Certificate of Title 134788 Folio 2


A fact sheet for each of the land parcels is available for viewing by clicking on the relevant address in the table above. 

Objections/Expressions of Interest for the proposed disposal must be made to Council's General Manager from 9th November and received before the close of business on 2nd December 2019. Written responses can be sent to PO Box 103, Glenorchy Tas 7010.

For more information about this process, please consult our Potential Disposal FAQ.

A copy of Council's resolution and the individual property plans can be viewed during business hours at the City of Glenorchy Council Chambers, 374 Main Road, Glenorchy. 

If further information is required, please call Council's Property Sales and Acquisitions Officer Merv. Graham on (03) 6216 6419.



Investigating Potential Disposal of a portion of Berriedale Foreshore Reserve, 671 Main Road, Berriedale

Glenorchy City Council are seeking feedback from the community into the potential disposal or lease of a portion of the Council owned land at 671 Main Road, Berriedale (as shown in red below).

The portion is approximately 15,950 m2 adjacent to the Glenorchy City Tennis Club and is currently being used as vacant land and leased to MONA for overflow carparking and to the Southern City BMX Club for a BMX track.

Feedback form

Between the 4th – 25th November you are invited to have your say by completing this feedback form

or for a hard copy of the feedback form contact Council's Sales and Acquisition Officer on 6216 6800.


Once the community consultation process has been completed, a report will be provided back to Council summarising the results.

If Council is satisfied with the feedback received during that process, Council could then resolve to commence the statutory process for the disposal of public land which is set out in section 178 of the Local Government Act 1993.  This process requires further public notification and consultation.

Aerial of 671 Main Road


Part of Certificate of Title 9041 Folio 2
Part of Certificate of Title 9041 Folio 2