Events on Council Land

 Events on council land

If you are holding a public event on Council land, you may need to apply for a Minor Events Permit. A Minor Events Permit may be required when the event is expected to have less than 1000 people and conducted on Council land.

Apply for a Minor Events Permit

To apply for a Permit, you need to Complete the following application forms Along with a completed form, there may be a requirement to include a site plan showing:
  • the site
  • the location and size of all structures including temporary structures (e.g. marquees, jumping castles, temporary stands, food vans and stalls)
  • proposed car parking
  • Smoke Free Management Plan (where required)
  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Toilet facilities (see below)

Temporary Occupancy Permit

A Temporary Occupancy Permit for the use of temporary structures may be required as part of the Events on Council Land permit. Temporary structures include tents, marquees, temporary stage, temporary seating structure, temporary platform or temporary tower.

You can find out more information in our Temporary Occupancy Permits page.

Temporary food registration

If food will be for sale at the event, temporary food registration will be required.
See more information about temporary food licences on our Food business registration page.

Toilet facilities

You must make sure that there are enough toilets at your event for the expected crowd. You will need to tell us how many toilets and/or urinals you have for males and females, and how many accessible toilet facilities you will provide.

Timing of licence applications

To make sure we can assess your application properly, the information must be given to us eight (8) weeks prior to the event. If we don’t receive the information within the above timeframe, your application may not gain approval.

To find out more or please contact us.