Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is very important to stop people getting sick.

Tasmanian water quality is governed by the Tasmanian Drinking Water Guidelines, which provide a reference on what defines safe, good-quality water, how it can be achieved and how it can be assured. They support the principles, management practices, preventive measures and guideline values contained in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

View more information on the Tasmanian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines 2015 (external website).

Your drinking water

Responsibility for your drinking water depends on where your water comes from.

  • If you are on mains water, you should contact TasWater about your water quality on 13MYWATER (136992). View more on mains water and treated water supplies (external link).
  • If you drink from a rainwater tank, dam or bore you may need to make sure your own water is safe to drink. View more on rural water supplies (external link).
  • If you get your water from a private water supplier, you can get information from them. Private water suppliers must be registered with Council. View more on private water suppliers (external link).
  • If you get your water from a commercial water carrier, you should contact us. Water carriers must be registered with Council. View more on commercial water carriers (external link).

Becoming a water supplier

To register as a water supplier you will need complete an application form and pay a fee.

View the private water supplier application form (PDF).

View the commercial water carrier registration form (PDF).

View the Schedule of Fees and Changes document (PDF).