Environmental Monitoring

Businesses and the environment

Council regulates businesses to make sure they do not breach the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 as they go about their business. Our aim is to prevent or control acts that cause or that may cause pollution to our environment.

We do this by:
  • investigating environmental complaints, including noise, odour, air quality, water and solid waste pollution
  • keeping records of contaminated sites throughout the municipality
  • undertaking environmental audits of industrial/commercial activities.
View the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (external link).

Water sampling

River Derwent

Council currently takes regular water samples from the River Derwent as part of the Derwent Estuary Program (DEP).

If you catch fish from the River Derwent, it is important to know that there are some health issues with eating wild shellfish or fish that you catch.

View more information on Derwent Estuary Program’s seafood safety (external site).

As part of our program, we collect samples for a 4-month period from December to March from a number of sites including Windermere and Elwick bays. Every year these results are evaluated and included in the State of the Derwent annual report (external link).

Beaches, pools and spas

We take water samples at beaches, pools and spas within the Glenorchy area to make sure that they are safe to use, which is a requirement under the Tasmanian Recreational Water Quality Guidelines 2007 (external site).

Windermere Beach in Claremont is Glenorchy City Council’s only recognised swimming beach. The water is tested weekly from 1 December through to 30 March. Our Environmental Health Officers also sample other locations along the River Derwent during the summer months. For more information, please see the Derwent Estuary Programs website (external site).

Swimming pools and spas that are open to the public must have their water checked each month. We make sure these water samples are taken and look at the results to make sure the water is safe.

Information on how to take water samples can be found in our pool and spa sampling fact sheet (PDF).

Updated weekly beach and bay sample results can be viewed on Derwent Estuary’s Beach and Bay Watch site.