Responsibility for traffic management in the City of Glenorchy is shared between Council and the State Government’s Department of State Growth (DSG).

Most of the roads in Glenorchy are owned and maintained by Glenorchy City Council. However, DSG owns and maintains the Brooker Highway and Goodwood Road.

Traffic Line marking and signs

Council does all the road line marking in Glenorchy City and installs regulatory signs, such as speed limit signs.

We also have a policy that sets out when and how directional signs are used in Glenorchy.

View the Roadside Directional Signs Policy (PDF).




Traffic calming

Traffic calming involves the use of physical devices, streetscaping and other things to slow drivers down and make them take care. This helps to create safer and more liveable local streets. 

Generally, Council uses traffic data such as speed data, traffic volume and crash records to decide if a road should have traffic calming measures. 

We maintain a database of traffic surveys taken in the City of Glenorchy and update the database regularly.

Traffic lights

The Department of State Growth is responsible for installing and maintaining traffic lights (also known as traffic signals). Any traffic signal faults can be reported by phoning the Traffic Signals Fault Line on 1300 139 933 (free call) or by emailing 

Roads closures

Council may close local roads for special events or for construction. 
You can apply for a road closure if you are planning building or construction work. All road closure applications should be supported with a traffic management plan prepared by a person qualified to prepare a work zone traffic management plan. 

Traffic management plans must meet the requirements of Council’s Traffic Management Plans Policy (PDF).



If you see vehicles speeding and hooning, they should be reported immediately to the Tasmanian Police on (03) 6230 2111.