Road Safety

Road safety is important to everyone, and we need to be able to use our roads, footpaths and cycleways safely. We monitor and review traffic data (including crash records, vehicle speeds and traffic volumes) to determine where there may be safety issues in the road network. 

Our many road safety improvement activities range from minor intersection modifications and linemarking to the installation of major traffic control devices such as roundabouts, traffic islands and speed humps. There are a number of government programs that assist Council in providing a safer road environment.

Tasmanian Community Road Safety Grants (CRSG) program

The State Government provides funding to assist road safety stakeholders, including the general community to develop and implement effective community road safety programs that contribute to positive and sustainable road safety outcomes. The main objective of the CRSG program is to contribute to reducing the number serious casualties on our roads each year and is aimed at behavioural outcomes, rather than infrastructure changes.

Currently funded projects by CRSG in Glenorchy include:

  • Driver Simulator – the Dangers of Distraction: a project to educate young people about the dangers of using mobile phones. (See our driver safety for young people page.)
  • Digital Speed Display: a project for the installation of Council’s Speed Check Trailer across the City to encourage drivers to drive to the posted speed limit.
  • Full Gear – Motorbike Safety Project: a project to deliver a safety expo and training in Chigwell.

For more information, please see the Community Road Safety website (external link)

Black Spot Programme

The Federal Government provides funding to address specific locations that have a serious crash history. The sites must meet particular criteria based on crash trends and benefit/cost ratios.

Black spot funded projects in the 2016–17 and 2017–18 financial years include:

  • Elwick Road/Intercity Cycleway island modification
  • Grove Road/Constance Avenue/Arnold Street intersection modification

For more information, please see the Black Spot Programme website (external link).

Roads to Recovery Programme

The Federal Government provides funding to assist with the renewal and upgrading of local government road infrastructure through the Roads to Recovery Programme.

Roads to Recovery projects for 2017–18 financial year include:

  • Sinclair Avenue, Moonah (No 23 to No 43)
  • Moorina Crescent, Berriedale (Myella Drive to Milpara Street)
  • Maple Avenue, Moonah (Bayswater Road to No 23).

For more information, please see the Roads to Recovery Programme website (external link).

Vulnerable Road User Program

The Vulnerable Road User Program is a State Government-funded initiative aimed at improving the safety of vulnerable road users including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Projects funded by this program in recent years include:

  • On-road cycle lanes on Main Road from Abbotsfield Road, Claremont to Granton
  • Hopkins Street pedestrian island.

For more information, please see the Vulnerable Road User Program website (external link).