Volunteer Awards

The Glenorchy City Council hosts a reception for volunteers during Volunteer Week each year (usually held around the middle of May). These awards were established in 1994 to acknowledge the efforts of volunteers in the Glenorchy community, and to encourage the growth and recognition of volunteering.


Criteria for awards

Volunteers are eligible for an award if they live in Glenorchy or if they perform their volunteer work in Glenorchy. Volunteer awards are for total effort over the person’s lifetime, not just for the previous year.
Volunteering is defined as any activity, which is freely chosen, is of benefit to the community, and is undertaken without financial reward.

Volunteers who have received an award at any of the ceremonies in the past are eligible to be renominated in a different category.

Please note: the contribution that organisations make to volunteer work is acknowledged and appreciated. However, these awards are aimed at highlighting the contributions made by individuals within the organisation, and we encourage individuals or organisations to nominate as many individual volunteers as they are aware of who are eligible for these awards.

Award categories

The Mayor presents nominated volunteers with an award from one of the following categories:

  • 500 hours of voluntary service
  • 1000 hours of voluntary service
  • 2000 hours of voluntary service
  • 5000 hours of voluntary service
  • 10,000 hours of voluntary service
  • For committee contribution: that is, special contribution by a committee
  • For special contribution to voluntary service: that is, more than 10,000 hours of voluntary service and acts over and above normal volunteer work.

The awards consist of an inscribed certificate and a volunteer badge.

Award nominations

To nominate for an award, please complete the Volunteer nomination form (PDF) or the Volunteer nomination for Special Award form (PDF). Please use one form per nomination. Each additional nomination should be filled out on a new form.

We realise volunteers do not necessarily keep track of their hours, and a rough estimate of the total amount of volunteer hours ever worked (either with your own or any other agency or individuals) is all that is required.

Please note: we give a brief description of each volunteer’s contribution as they walk to the stage to receive their award, so we ask that you provide key information in your nomination form. If you are nominating for the Special Award, please give considerable detailed information and attach it to the nomination form.

Nomination forms must be returned by mid-April. You can email the form to us at GCC email (with ‘Volunteer nomination’ in the subject line) or mail it to GCC PO Box (see contact details in our Contact Us page).

Invitations providing further details of the reception will be posted to nominees once nominations have closed.


Volunteer awards