Live meetings

Council meets on the last Monday of each month unless this clashes with a public holiday. Meetings are held at Council’s chambers in Main Road, Glenorchy and start at 6pm.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, members of the public are not permitted to attend the chambers for the meetings. Instead, each meeting is livestreamed for viewing on our Council Facebook page (you do not need a Facebook account to watch).

2021 Council and Glenorchy Planning Authority Meeting dates (PDF)

Meeting guidelines

Meetings of Council are governed by the procedures set out in Local Government (Meeting Procedures) Regulations 2015.

Council has a Meeting Procedures Policy which fills in the procedural gaps that the Regulations don’t cover. The Meeting Procedures Policy was most recently updated in April 2017.

Meetings of the Glenorchy Planning Authority are governed by the same procedures as meetings of Council.

View the relevant regulatory documents:

Audio recordings

We make audio recordings of the open sessions of Council meetings. The recordings are available for 6 months on our Audio Recording Council Meetings website.

Please note: only recordings of open sessions of Council meetings are available. The public is not entitled to listen to closed sessions of Council meetings.

Only Council meetings are recorded. Recordings of meetings of the Glenorchy Planning Authority and the Audit Panel are not.

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