Amending a Planning Permit

You can request a minor change to your planning permit to amend approved plans or change a part of your permit.

This is a change under Section 56 of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.

Applying for an amendment

If you wish to apply for an amendment you need to complete the Amendment Request for Amendment Application Form (PDF), include the owner’s consent (if relevant), and pay the fees.

It’s best to talk to a planning officer first to see if the proposed change can be considered. Please contact us to discuss.

We can’t amend the permit if the amendment:

  • changes a condition or the effect of any condition required by the Appeal Tribunal (if the permit had been approved in an appeal)
  • causes an increase in detriment to any person
  • changes the use or development for which the permit was issued, other than a minor change to the description of the use or development.

To apply for the amendment, please check the Schedule of fees and charges (PDF) and complete the Request for Amendment Application Form (PDF).

Advertising an amendment

We will notify the applicant, and the landowner if the applicant is not the owner, about the proposed amendment.

If the original application was publicly advertised, Council will notify any representors to the original application and all adjoining owners and occupiers.

Appealing an amendment

If Council approves the amendment, people notified have a right of appeal to the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal (external Link).

An appeal must be lodged with the Tribunal within 14 days from the day that the Council notifies people of its decision.

There is no right of appeal against Council’s decision not to amend a permit under Section 56.