Lodging an Application

To get a planning permit you need to demonstrate how you are meeting the objectives of the Planning Scheme.  You can prepare and lodge your planning permit application using the application checklist (PDF).  

You will also need to complete an application form (PDF) and pay the fees, which are listed in the planning services section of the fees register.

Use of Council Land

If the proposal requires use of Council land you must include consent from the General Manager.  Use the Council land consent form (PDF) and contact Council’s property services about obtaining the consent.

Use of Crown land

If the proposal requires use of Crown land you must include consent from the Minister responsible for the administration of the Crown Land.  The Department of State Growth has more information on how to make a request and a form you will need to use to gain Crown land consent. Please check the Works, Development Applications and Events page (external link) for more information.

Planning fees are listed in the planning services section of the fees register (PDF).

Planning permit applications are either ‘permitted’ which means that Council must grant a permit, with or without conditions, or ‘discretionary’, which means the application must be advertised and Council will decide to either grant a permit with or without conditions, or refuse the application.

Advertising a ‘discretionary’ application involves:

  • A notice in the newspaper
  • Notices put up at each public frontage of the land
  • Notices to each adjoining owner and occupier of land

Please note: there are set timeframes for deciding planning permit applications under the planning legislation (external link). 

New controls for Change of Use to Visitor Accommodation

The State Government has made changes to planning and building requirements for a change of use to Visitor Accommodation. There are now some exemptions for Visitor Accommodation under the Glenorchy Interim Planning Scheme 2015, and a new process for ‘Permitted’ applications.  However some applications may be ‘Discretionary’ and need to be advertised.  Speak to the Council’s duty planner for more information.  The State Government website (external link) also has information about the process and application forms.