Representations and Objections

If you want to make a comment about a planning permit application, you can lodge a representation. A representation can be an objection to the proposal or in support of it.

Your representation must be in writing and needs to be received by Council before the end of the 14 day advertising period for the application.

What happens once a representation is received?

If a representation is received, the application is generally decided by the Glenorchy Planning Authority. The Glenorchy Planning Authority is made up of 5 Council Aldermen and has full authority to decide planning permit applications on behalf of Council.

When are Glenorchy Planning Authority meetings held?

The Glenorchy Planning Authority meets monthly, usually on Monday afternoons at 5pm in the Council Chambers at the Council offices, 374 Main Road, Glenorchy. Car parking is available off Barry Street.

If you lodge a representation, you will receive a letter confirming it was received. The letter will include the contact details of the planner dealing with the application. You can contact the planner to find out which meeting the application will be considered at or view the Glenorchy Planning Authority Agenda and meeting dates.

What does the Glenorchy Planning Authority take into account when making a decision?

At the meeting, the Glenorchy Planning Authority considers reports prepared by the planners. The reports contain assessments of planning permit applications against the requirements of the Glenorchy Interim Planning Scheme 2015 (external link). These reports also have a recommendation whether to approve or refuse an application. If the recommendation is for approval, conditions are also recommended. If the recommendation is for refusal, the reasons for refusal are also recommended.

The Glenorchy Planning Authority is required to consider every representation before making its decision.

The Chairperson of the Glenorchy Planning Authority will usually invite any person present at the meeting to have their say about an application before it makes its decision on the application.

When do you find out about the Glenorchy Planning Authority’s decision?

If you have made a representation, you will be notified in writing within 7 days from the date the Glenorchy Planning Authority makes its decision.

What if you are not happy with the Glenorchy Planning Authority’s decision?

If you are not happy with the Glenorchy Planning Authority’s decision and you have lodged a representation within the 14 day advertising period, you have a right to lodge an appeal to the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal (external link) within 14 days after notice of the Glenorchy Planning Authority’s decision is served on you.

The notice sent to you advising you of the Glenorchy Planning Authority’s decision will also include details on how to lodge an appeal.

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