Plumbing FAQs

Q. How long is a Certificate of Likely Compliance (Plumbing Work) valid for?

A.  Certificate of Likely Compliance (Plumbing Work) expires 12 months after it has been issued, as set out in the Building Act 2016.


Q. How long is a Plumbing Permit valid for?

A. Plumbing Permit expires if work has not started within a specified period or 1 year after being issued. If work has started within the above period the permit expires after 2 years from date of issue. This is set out in the Building Act 2016.

Q. Can I extend my Plumbing Permit if I need more time to complete my building works?

A. Yes, Plumbing Permits can be extended for a period of time (usually in 12 months intervals). Applications must be made while the permit is valid still using the relevant Application for Permit Extension form (PDF).

If the permit expires and work is not complete a new application must be made for a plumbing permit to enable work to be completed.

Q. What if I discover my property has unapproved plumbing work?

A. The Council enforces compliance provisions for illegal plumbing works. An owner may apply for retrospective approval for partially or completed illegal plumbing work. If you are concerned about or have illegal (unapproved) plumbing works on your property you are encouraged to contact our Building and Plumbing officers.


Q. I want to alter some aspects of my plumbing work; what do I have to do?

A. If you currently have a plumbing permit (or other valid authorisation) to carry out plumbing work, variations to your approval are usually possible. However, before you make any changes you should first consult with Council’s Permit Authority. Some variations may not require consent from the Council.

Q. I have some old applications relating to my property which have not been finalised – what can I do?

A. Our Plumbing Section is able to assist/guide you in finalising old applications. Speak with one of the our plumbing surveyors to discuss the specifics of your property.

Q. Can I view Council’s As-Constructed Drainage Plans in relation to my property?

A. We own and maintain as-constructed records of privately owned drains; these records may be purchased on request. The plans can be used for various purpose by property owners, including preparation of designs associated with proposed building and plumbing work or for locating drains prior to clearing blockages, excavation work or landscaping work. A plan of the sewer drain is available for most properties within the Glenorchy area, but plans for stormwater drains are limited to buildings constructed from about 1975 onwards. The costs to obtain drainage plans are itemised in Council’s schedule of fees.

Q. How can I find out the requirements of the Plumbing Code of Australia?

A. For advice and information on provisions of the Plumbing Code of Australia, it is suggested that you contact a licensed plumber or designer. Council’s plumbing surveyor can also assist where enquiries are relevant to work subject to a Certificate of Likely Compliance (Plumbing Work) or Plumbing Permit. They have the knowledge and experience to assist with your enquiries.

If you have a question which has not been answered above, please feel free to contact out plumbing section via the Contact us link.