Plumbing Permits and Approvals

Certain types of plumbing work cannot be undertaken without the required approvals and/or permits.

Before you do any plumbing work, we strongly recommend that you determine what level of approval is required by consulting with our plumbing surveyors.

For more information, you can also view our Categories of Plumbing Work page.

If you do need a plumbing permit from Council, or a Certificate of Likely Compliance (Plumbing), please take note of the points below:

Lodging an application

  • Applications must be submitted on either a CD, DVD or via email at USB submissions will not be accepted.
  • Applications can be submitted to us in paper (hard copy) format. However, these applications must contain the number of copies of each relevant document listed on the application checklist below.
  • All documentation (as applicable) on the application checklist (PDF) must be included in the submission.
  • With your application form, you must complete and submit the relevant Notice of Work (PDF) or Plumbing Permit (PDF).
  • All documentation must be in PDF format.
  • All documentation, CDs or DVDs should be clearly identified/named with the address of the plumbing work and the name of the agent/contact person for the work.
  • Do not include links to websites, or jpeg, tiff, etc. formats.
  • Applications will not be processed until all required information and fees have been received.
  • Applications that cannot be submitted in the above format may incur additional processing fees or be refused.


View the Building & Plumbing Application Checklist (PDF).

Plumbing plans

It is important to note that the plans you submit as part of a plumbing application must be prepared by a licensed designer or plumber competent in designing the work being proposed.

Application fees

Application fees will be calculated after successful submission of your application in accordance with our schedule of fees (PDF). Invoices will then be forwarded to the respective contact person/s. After payment has been confirmed, your applications will be processed.