Dog Legislation and Policy

glenorchy city council

The rules that apply to dog ownership and management in Glenorchy are set out in the following documents:

Dog Control Act

The Dog Control Act 2000 imposes various requirements relating to the management of dogs, including:

  • the requirement to register dogs
  • rules about how and where dogs are be controlled in public places
  • placing restrictions on certain breeds of dogs
  • when dogs can be declared as ‘dangerous dogs’ and the consequences of being declared dangerous
  • rules about the seizure and destruction of dogs.

The Act gives local councils powers to enforce its provisions and also make its own rules about how dogs are managed within their municipalities.

Dog Management Policy

Section 7 of the Dog Control Act sets out specific rules that apply to Dog Management Policy. These include:

  • the various dog registration fees and the dates by which they must be paididentifying ‘declared areas’ in which there are particular rules about how dogs are to be controlled (for example, off-lead areas)
  • providing a procedure for making a complaint about a nuisance dog or a dangerous dog.

The Policy also includes a ‘Code of Responsible Dog Ownership’ which provides owners with guidelines on how to be a responsible dog owner and provide a safe and caring environment for your dog.