If you lose your dog

 If you lose your dog

If your dog is lost or missing you should try to find it rather than wait for it to come back. We recommend that you:

● search your local area
● contact local veterinarians
● contact the Dogs’ Home of Tasmania
● advertise in the paper, on the radio or around the local area
● contact Glenorchy City Council to see if your dog has been rescued and impounded.

What if my dog is impounded?

Council’s animal management officers will rescue any dog found wandering and take it to the pound. Contact Animal Management on 03 6216 6800 to find out if your dog has been picked up.

We will provide details of where and why your dog was impounded. This information may help you to figure out how the dog escaped or was lost and how you can prevent it from happening again.

How do I get my dog back?

The Tasmanian Canine Defence League (CDL) operates a Dog Pound on behalf of Glenorchy, Hobart, Clarence and Brighton councils. The pound is located at the CDL’s Dogs’ Home of Tasmania (external link) at 101 Scott’s Road, Risdon Vale. Dogs can be collected from the pound between 10am and 5pm, seven days a week (closed on Christmas Day and Good Friday).

Under the Dog Control Act 2000 (external link), the following fees must be paid by the owner of an impounded dog before it can be released.

● a release fee (costs involved with the impounding of your dog)
● a daily maintenance fee (costs for maintaining your dog whilst it is improunded)
● the current registration fee if the dog is not currently registered
● any other fees or charges relating to the dog that ought to have been paid under the Dog Control Act 2000(which may include any unpaid fines if you have been prosecuted through the Courts).

While we understand that having to collect your pet from the pound can be stressful, owners are reminded that abusive language or threats to staff will not be tolerated and this type of behaviour may be reported to the police.

Please note: While the Dogs’ Home of Tasmania and the dog pound are located at the same premises, they are separate operations.