Kennel licences

 Kennel licenses

You need to apply for a Kennel Licence (PDF) if you keep:

  • more than two dogs over the age of 6 months at a premises
  • more than four working dogs over the age of 6 months at a premises.

For information about fees for kennel licences and renewals, please check our Schedule of Fees and Charges (PDF).

License types: domestic (pet) dogs

 Number of dogs  Kennel licence type
 1–2 domestic dogs  No licence required
 3–5 domestic dogs  KL1 category licence
5 or more domestic dogs   KL2 category licence

License types: racing greyhounds

 Number of greyhounds Kennel licence type 
1–2 greyhounds   No licence required
 3–5 greyhounds  KLG1 category licence
 5 or more greyhounds  KLG2 category licence

Licence restrictions

A kennel licence (from any category) will not be granted where the property has an area of less than 400 square metres

KL2 and KLG2 category licences will not be permitted in a General Residential Zone, the Inner Residential Zone, or the Environmental Living Zone under the Glenorchy Interim Planning Scheme 2015 (external link).

More Information

Please look at our Dog Management Policy (PDF) for detailed information about the requirements for holding and obtaining the different types of kennel licences. For more information about legislation, please visit the Dog Control Act 2000 (external link).