Farm animals


Glenorchy City Council has rules relating to keeping animals other than dogs, such as horses and other farm animals.

The rules address things such as:

● keeping horses or stock in stables (including getting a Stable Licence)
● keeping farm animals (including getting a permit to keep a farm animal)
● how we deal with nuisance caused by animals
● restrictions on keeping certain types animals (including roosters)
● your obligations to deal with pest animals.

The rules are set out in the Glenorchy City Council Animal Management By-Law (No. 1 of 2014) (PDF).

How to apply for a permit or licence

You can download application forms for the permits required under the By-Law below:

Application for a Permit to Keep a Farm Animal (PDF).
Application for a Stable Licence (PDF).

Please refer to the By-law for the specific rules about when you are required to hold a permit or a licence.