All snakes native to Tasmania are venomous. If you need a snake removed, please call

During Business Hours

Council’s Animal Management Team

(03) 6216 6800

After Hours

Reptile Rescue *

0407 565 181

Please note that this is a private service. Fees will apply

Snakes in Tasmania

Tasmania is home to 3 species of snakes: the Tiger snake, the Copperhead snake and the White-lipped snake (often referred to as a Whip snake).

All 3 of these snakes are venomous

Like most of Tasmania’s native mammals, birds and reptiles, Tasmanian snakes are protected by law and it is illegal to kill or harm them in any way.

If you encounter a snake the best advice is to leave them alone. Otherwise:

  • Stay calm and remain still until the snake passes by and it is safe to move away
  • Never approach a snake and if you have children or pets. Escort them safely away from the area
  • Keep the snake under observation, and, if necessary, call for help (using the numbers above)