Nature Strips

Nature strips 

 Nature strips add value, amenity and ambience to Glenorchy. They also provide an important way for us to deliver certain underground services.

Your role

The maintenance of nature strips has long been regarded as the ‘civic duty’ of the residents of Glenorchy – this means it is assumed that residents who live in the nearby properties will maintain nature strips. We encourage you to take care of your nature strip as part of your front lawn.

If you require assistance in looking after your nature strip, please contact us.

Our role

Road reservations are the responsibility of Council. If the reservation is overgrown or there is a problem please contact Customer Service on (03) 6216 6800. If you require assistance to maintain your nature strip you can contact the Volunteer Centre on (03) 6216 6671.  The Centre opens on Tuesdays only from 10am - 12pm (until further notice).