Purchasing a Property

glenorchy city council

Building Plan Requests 

Glenorchy City Council has access to many old building and plumbing records for properties within the municipality.

We can provide these records to persons who have written consent from the property owner.

Applications to view and obtain copies of these documents can be made using our House Plan Request Form (PDF).

337 Certificates

A Land Information Certificate (or 337 Certificate) will let you know if there are any outstanding matters relating to a property that you are interested in purchasing.

A 337 Certificate covers questions such as:

  • Have completion certificates been issued for building and plumbing permits?
  • Is there an occupancy permit for the building?
  • Is there any outstanding enforcement on the property?
  • What is the zoning of the site, etc?

Please note: we can only provide information that has been reported to us. For more information about a 337 Certificate you may like to speak with your solicitor or property conveyancer, alternatively please Contact us.

Building Inspections

Glenorchy City Council does not carry out building inspections to assess the condition of a building or the quality of building work which has been performed. In these circumstances it is recommend that you contact a private building inspector or building surveyor.

For persons looking to purchase a property, consideration should be given to the legality of all building works which have been undertaken on the property. Many purchasers are unaware that in Tasmania, the liability for illegal or non-compliant building works can transfer to the subsequent owner.

If you are concerned about the legality of buildings or structures on a property, you are encouraged to make contact with Councils Building Officers to discuss.