Calculating Rates

To calculate your rates, we use a property’s Assessed Annual Value (AAV) that has been provided by the Valuer-General. (An AAV is the gross annual income that the owner of a property might reasonably expect to obtain from letting it to a tenant. This is calculated based on rental rates at the time of the valuation.)


We then multiply a property’s AAV with a cents-in-the-dollar figure determined annually by the Council to calculate general rates.


For example, a property might have an AAV of $12,000 and Council determines that the general rate for the year will be 6.62 cents in the dollar. This property would then be charged $794.40 for its general rate ($12,000 x 0.0662).


If you want to find out more, see our property valuations page.


Please note: all rates are GST exempt – except for the charge for rubbish bins on commercial properties.


General rates

The income we receive from your rates goes to maintenance and providing services and facilities for the whole Glenorchy Council area.


This general rates charge covers a variety of services, including:

  • roads, footpaths and kerbing
  • parks and gardens
  • planning
  • immunisation
  • community halls
  • community activities
  • administration


Fire levy

The Fire Levy is collected on behalf of the State Fire Commission (this is not Council owned or operated).


Rubbish bin charges

We charge a flat rate for household rubbish wheelie bins and recycling wheelie bins. To find out more about our waste services, see our Waste management pages.


Penalties and interest

If you are having trouble paying your rates, please contact us to discuss your circumstances before they are due and we will discuss a payment arrangement with you.


If your rates and charges become overdue, and you do not make a repayment arrangement with us, the following actions may be taken: 


  • We may apply a penalty (not exceeding 10%), according to the Local Government Act 1993.
  • Interest may also be added on rates and charges
  • Our legal team may progress to legal action, and you may incur legal costs.