Property Valuations

The Valuer-General is the government officer responsible for establishing and maintaining municipal valuation lists used for local government rates and tax under the Valuation of Land Act 2001 (external link).

Property valuations

When are properties valued?

A property will be valued when:

  • a new building has been built
  • an existing building has been changed
  • an addition to the property, such as a swimming pool or fence, has been made
  • land boundaries are changed
  • when properties are joined or separated.

Your property is also valued every two years so it is more closely aligned to the current market value of a property. This is called an Adjustment Factor.

To find out more about our most recent adjustment factor valuations, have a look at the Valuer-General’s Adjustment Factors Notice (external link).

All properties are also revalued every six years. You can see when the Glenorchy Municipality is next being revalued on the Valuer-General’s Municipal Revaluation Schedule (external link).

What if I disagree with my valuation?

If you disagree with a valuation provided by the Valuer-General or you’d like to discuss other information on your Notice of Valuation, visit Land Tasmania's Notice of Valuation website (external link) or phone the Office of the Valuer-General on (03) 6165 4444 (choose option 2).