Weed Management

Declared Weeds 

There are more than 130 formally declared weeds listed under the Tasmanian Weed Management Act (1999). Landholders in Tasmania are expected to control these declared weeds on their property. The weeds are listed in each municipality as either a Zone A or Zone B species.

In general Zone A weeds are those that must be eradicated by the landholder wherever they occur. In the Glenorchy municipality this includes Pampas Grass, Bridal Creeper, Paterson's Curse and Chilean Needle Grass.

Zone B weeds are generally those that require containment and control by the landholder. Examples of these include Blackberry, Boxthorn, Spanish Heath, Gorse, and Boneseed.

As a general guide Council prioritises control of Zone A weeds and selectively targets Zone B weeds where they may present a specific threat to nearby bushland, open space, and, in exceptional circumstances, neighbouring properties.

For information on declared weeds in Tasmania visit the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment webpage:



Zone A Weeds in the Wild

Non Declared Weeds

There are scores of non-declared weeds in Glenorchy that may threaten bushland and natural areas. For further information on these invasive plants, visit the NRM South webpage:



Vegetation/Weeds as Fire Hazards

Dense vegetation - including weeds like Blackberry and Gorse - can present a serious fire hazard, are to be directed to the Public Compliance Coordinator via Council's Customer Service Centre.