FOGO - Food Organics and Garden Organics

Glenorchy City Council introduced a fortnightly FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics) kerbside collection service on 17 February 2020.   

Currently in Glenorchy, more than 50 per cent of our general waste collection (which goes to landfill) is made up of FOGO waste. This adds up to more than 4,000 tonnes of organic waste a year.

Glenorchy's FOGO collection service will divert all this organic waste from landfill and instead turn it into healthy compost for agricultural use. This will save landfill space and reduce a lot of greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information about FOGO, including how to get the most out of the service, visit our waste website for FOGO FAQs or watch our How To FOGO videos on YouTube.



We encourage everyone to recycle their food waste and garden waste (if applicable), and all households will get a FOGO wheelie bin and kitchen caddy.


But we recognise that some people might not need or be able to use the FOGO service. If you  meet one of the below criteria, you may be able to qualify to be exempt from the FOGO service:


Home Composter

This will apply if you can show you are effectively managing all the organic waste your property generates through a variety of methods. This includes meat, dairy, pet waste diseased plants and other items that generally don’t go into home composting systems.

Exceptional Circumstances

This will apply if you can show that you have exceptional or unusual circumstances which make the provision of a FOGO service unreasonable or impractical for you. 

You can read more about the FOGO exemption criteria here (PDF file). 


How to apply for a FOGO exemption

You can apply for an exemption online or by completing a paper form.  Please note that you will need to provide original photographs to demonstrate how your property qualifies for an exemption.


Online Application 

If you think you may meet one of the above criteria, you can fill out an online exemption application form by clicking here.


Paper Application  

If you don't want to apply online, click here to download a paper version of the exemption application form.  You can also call our Customer Service team on 03 6216 6800 to have a copy of form to be mailed to you. 

If you have any further questions we encourage you to contact our customer service team on 03 6216 6800, or email