General Waste Collection

We collect general waste either weekly or fortnightly, depending on what type of property you live in. The following information will help you to understand how our collection service works. 

Garbage bin types and collection

Standard garbage service

Our standard garbage service applies if you live in an individual house, or some of the units in the city. The standard garbage bin is 140 litres, with a dark green lid and is collected fortnightly.

Shared garbage service

If you live in a flat, multi-occupancy property or unit development, you generally share one garbage wheelie bin between three units. These bins are stored in a bin enclosure at the entrance of the property; they are 240 litres, have red lids and are collected weekly.

Please note:

  • only Council issued bins will be emptied
  • excess garbage in bags or cartons will not be collected
  • bins overflowing, weighing greater than 70kg and/or containing unacceptable material will not be emptied

What you can place in your garbage bins

We will collect:

  • disposable nappies
  • small broken household items such as china and glassware
  • plastic bags, garbage bags and non-recyclable plastic and food packaging

We will NOT collect:

  • food scraps and garden waste - these go in your FOGO wheelie bin with the lime green lid (unless you have been approved to be exempt from the FOGO service)
  • building materials
  • batteries (drop household batteries at the recycling area at the Jackson Street Waste Management Centre
  • chemicals (caustics, acids, thinners/solvents)
  • medical waste (sharps)
  • medicine/drugs
  • heavy metals
  • herbicides and pesticides
  • dyes and colours
  • tyres (can be taken to the Jackson Street Waste Management Centre)
  • glues and adhesives
  • asbestos
  • recyclable packaging (place this in your yellow recycling bin)

Missed bins


If your bin/s have been missed, please contact Council’s Customer Service on 03 6216 6800. Council will notify our waste services contractor to ensure that your missed bins are collected promptly.


Damaged bins

If your bin is damaged (e.g. wheels fallen off, broken lid, bin has split etc) please contact us or let us know by using our Bin Application Form. Please report what type of bin (waste, recycling or FOGO) has been damaged and the type of damage.

Your bin will be repaired or replaced on the following Friday from when your request has been received and completed.

Please note:

  • All forms and requests for bin repairs and replacements must be received no later than the prior Thursday, no later than 2pm.
  • Leave the damaged bin empty on the kerbside for repair or replacement.  


Lost or stolen bins

If your bin has gone missing please contact us or report a lost or stolen bin using our Bin Application Form. Please report what type of bin (waste, recycling or FOGO) has been lost or stolen.