Household Waste FAQs

What day are my bins collected?

To identify your zone and your next bin collection day, you can use our interactive map (external link). Alternatively, you can call Customer Service on 03 6216 6800 Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.

I am moving to another property in Glenorchy, should I take my bins with me?

No, please leave them where they are. Wheelie bins have serial numbers and are the property of Glenorchy Council - they must stay with the house or flat they were issued to. 

I am missing my garbage/recycling/FOGO bin– how can I get another one?

If you are missing a bin, please complete our Bin Application Form.

My garbage/recycling/FOGO bin is damaged, how can I get it repaired or replaced?

To report your bin as damaged you can either contact Customer Service on 03 6216 6800 or use our Bin Application Form. You will need to let us know the type of damage to the bin, such as lid missing, wheel broken. We will let you know the next steps once you have reported it to us.

What items can I place in my domestic bins?

To view a list of items that you can place in your bin please visit our Waste And Recycling Services Guide (PDF). If you want to check something that is not on the list, please contact our Customer Service team on 03 6216 6800.

My bin hasn't been emptied, why?

If your bin is the only one in the street which has not been emptied, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • obstruction – was there a vehicle parked in front of your bin, or was it behind a telegraph pole or other obstruction?
  • placement – was the bin was facing the wrong way or out of reach of the side arm on the truck?
  • overfull or too heavy – was your bin over 70kgs? Was the lid of your bin able to close?
  • contamination – did it contain items which cannot be collected? To view a list of items that you can and cannot place in your bin please visit our Waste And Recycling Services Guide. (PDF)

Please check the lid of your bin for a sticker which will tell you the reason it was not collected. Once you have fixed the problem you can either contact Customer Service on 03 6216 6800 or use our contact us page to request the bin be collected by Council's contractor.

My bin is not entirely emptied, why?

If your bin is really full, sometimes items may become compacted and so they don’t fall out when the bin is lifted into the truck. Please loosen the contents of the bin and then contact us to get the bin emptied. Please call Customer Service on 03 6216 6800 or submit your request online.

I have items that I want to dispose of that cannot fit in my garbage bin, what can I do?

You may need to visit the Jackson Street Waste Management Centre (the tip) at 26A Jackson St, Glenorchy TAS 7010 - click here for directions, opening hours and services.

My 140-litre garbage bin is not big enough; can I get a bigger bin?

Yes, we can upgrade your 140-litre general waste bin to the larger 240-litre size for an additional charge. Before choosing this option however, consider the types of waste that you are placing into your bin - is it mostly recyclable?  Download our handy Waste and Recycling Services Guide (PDF).

Where should I place my bins for collection?

You should:

  • space your bins at least 50cm apart
  • place your bins so that the wheels are facing the house
  • check that the bins are not obstructed by cars, trees or power poles
  • place your bins out the night before or before 6am on the morning of collection
  • don't overfill bins or leave extra rubbish next to the bins
  • remove your bins from the kerbside as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours after collection
  • if you live in a cul-de-sac, don't park your car in the turning area on your collection day so the truck can turn safely

I have too much waste and it won’t fit into my bin, if I leave bags or boxes next to the bin – will they be taken?

No, all items for collection must fit into your bin and the lid must be able to close fully. Remember you can upgrade to a larger bin if you have a 140L.

What time can waste trucks commence collecting rubbish in Glenorchy?

Domestic waste collection begins from 6am. Commercial waste collection varies: there are multiple contractors working in the City of Glenorchy area and they collect waste and varying times.

I have a collection of plastic shopping bags what can I do with them?

Most supermarkets have a plastic bag recycling facility so next time you visit your local supermarket, try to reuse them. Alternatively plastic bags may go into your garbage bin.

What happens to the contents of my recycling bin?

Our contractor takes the contents of your recycling bin to Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) at Derwent Park, where it goes through a process of sorting both by machine and by hand. Paper and cardboard, glass, plastics, aluminium and steel cans are sorted and processed ready to be shipped for recycling. 

What if I am having a clean-out and I want a skip bin?

Please visit the Skip Bin page for further information.