Landfill and Tollbooth

The Jackson Street Waste Management Centre (JSWMC) located at 26A Jackson Street (external link) includes a Level 1 landfill that receives a wide range of waste materials, such as domestic, vegetation, construction demolition, clean fill, and approved controlled wastes.

In extreme weather conditions and times of high winds, the landfill disposal area may be closed to the public (see open and closure status in our Waste and Recycling Services Guide).

Customers to the landfill site may experience delays during push off periods (when the dozer pushes off the waste from the disposal areas) throughout the day at the domestic tip face and green waste area. The main push off times are 12pm and 3pm.

The JSWMC facility has separate areas for designated waste types, follow the signs to get to the appropriate tipping area.

If you have any questions, please call the toll booth on (03) 6216 6712, or contact us.

Landfill and tollbooth