Landfill and Tollbooth

The Jackson Street Waste Management Centre (JSWMC) located at 26A Jackson Street (external link) includes a Level 1 landfill that receives a wide range of waste materials, such as domestic, vegetation, construction demolition, clean fill, and approved controlled wastes.

In extreme weather conditions and times of high winds, the landfill disposal area may be closed to the public.

Customers to the landfill site may experience delays during push off periods (when the dozer pushes off the waste from the disposal areas) throughout the day at the domestic tip face and green waste area. The main push off times are 12pm and 3pm.

The JSWMC facility has separate areas for designated waste types, follow the signs to get to the appropriate tipping area.

If you have any questions, please call the toll booth on (03) 6216 6712, or contact us.

Changes to Landfill Operations at Jackson Street for Commercial/ Businesses

At the December 2018 Council meeting, Glenorchy City Council made the decision to make changes to the landfill operations at Jackson Street effective from Monday, 4 February 2019 for commercial and business operators.

These changes are necessary to encourage better separation of waste categories and the diversion of waste away from Jackson Street, as the landfill approaches the end of its usable life.

These changes include:

  • Increase in the fee for commercial and business operators for general waste over the weighbridge from $90 per tonne to $100 per tonne (including GST);
  • Diverting all commercial vehicles and vehicles with large loads from volumetric charges to the weighbridge - note: these vehicles must enter and exit over the weighbridge;
  • Ability for Council to negotiate with commercial operators in regard to the acceptance or otherwise of mixed waste*; and
  • There will be no change for light vehicles with 6’x4’ single axle trailers up to 3 cubic metres.

*Council defines mixed waste as any load that contains material that could otherwise be recycled (concrete, clean fill, green waste, glass, cardboard, metals, hard plastics, wood).

Council are not proposing a blanket ban on mixed waste and commercial and business vehicles will not be turned around at the gate. Council will be working collaboratively with commercial operators to help find alternative solutions to manage waste. Council has already assisted operators to find alternatives for disposal and providing operators time to adjust to greater separation of waste. This has been achieved by increasing the fees for commercial users, diverting Council waste to the Copping landfill, and reducing commercial waste by providing incentives to commercial operators to separate mixed waste.

The fees for domestic users have not changed.

What are the alternatives for commercial operators/ businesses?
Take mixed waste to alternate Waste Transfer Stations (Hobart, Brighton, Kingborough and Mornington)
Separate recyclables from waste and find alternate recycling options.

Proposed Extension of Landfill - Jackson Street Waste Management Centre

Glenorchy City Council has reviewed its Waste Management Strategy. To download the new Glenorchy City Council Waste Management Strategy Revised 2019, please click here. 

We are working with the community to achieve our vision for Glenorchy as a clean and healthy city, a city we are proud of, where waste is minimised, and resources are conserved for the future. Council is committed to providing affordable, cost-effective and environmentally sound waste services for the community.

It is anticipated that the current landfill area at the Jackson Street Waste Management Centre will close in 2020. Council is developing a business case to construct a new cell in the quarry area at Jackson Street that will extend the life of the landfill to 2030. 

For more information please click here or contact Council on Ph: 03 6216 6800 or email 

Landfill and tollbooth