Our Selection Processes

We welcome applications from people to work at Glenorchy City Council. The best method of addressing the relevant selection criteria is to use the STAR method.

STAR Method

This is a method used to answer behavioural questions and to address selection criteria.

Situation – Explain the situation that you are about to discuss. Where were you, who was involved and why the situation occurred.

Example: While I worked with X Company in my role as Supervisor of Call Centre staff I was asked to………..

Task - What was the task you were asked to do?

Example: take an employee aside to speak with them about several customer complaints we have received concerning this employee.

Action - Describe the actions you took to address the situation.

Example: I arranged a meeting with them and then I planned how I would discuss the situation with the employee. Once I had my plans in place I attended the meeting and discussed in full the complaints. I allowed them to present their perspective.

Result - Describe the outcomes.

Example: After much discuss we reach an agreement where the employee would attend some customer service training and be mentored by one of our more senior staff. As result their customer service did improve and they are now a valuable member of our team.

What's Next

A selection committee is appointed for each position and the committee will go through all the applications to check whether each person has met all of the essential criteria.

After the closing date, the committee creates a shortlist of people who will be interviewed, based on their assessment of your application against the selection criteria for the position.

Not all applicants who address the selection criteria will have an interview. Only those who meet the criteria at the highest level will be shortlisted for an interview. Those who do not meet the selection criteria will be advised at this stage of the selection process that their application has been unsuccessful.


If you are shortlisted for an interview, we will phone or email you to arrange the date, time and venue of the interview (for some positions, interviews can be done by teleconference or videoconference). The interview will follow a set format with each member of the selection panel asking questions to gain more information relating to the selection criteria and position description. It is a good idea to prepare yourself for the interview by summarising your skills and experience, as this is your opportunity to reinforce your suitability for the position. It is also a chance for you to ask the panel questions about the position, the organisation and other career development opportunities. You are more than welcome to ask the panel to clarify, repeat or rephrase questions you do not understand.

Following the interview, the panel will rank the applicants in relation to the selection criteria and will agree on a preferred candidate.

Referee checks

Referee checks are the next stage of the shortlisting process and are undertaken as part of the pre-employment process. Checks with your nominated referees are carried out to obtain further information about your past work history, as well as the quality of your work and suitability for the position. We treat this information confidentially.

Referees usually include your current supervisors or managers, as these people must be able to comment on your work experience and skills that specifically relate to the selection criteria.

Pre-employment assessments

A pre-employment health assessment is required for shortlisted applicants as part of the interview procedure. If you are shortlisted, a member of the People & Safety Department will contact you directly to arrange a suitable time for the pre-employment health assessment. For some positions other pre-employment checks may be required, which may include police checks and vulnerable persons check.

Job offer

If you are the successful candidate, you will receive a written offer of appointment to the position as soon as possible following the finalisation of the pre-employment checks.