Audio Recordings

 Audio Recordings

We make audio recordings of the open sessions of Council meetings. The recordings are available for 6 months in our Audio Recording Council Meetings website (external link) from the date of the meeting.

Please note: only recordings of open sessions of Council meetings are available. The public is not entitled to listen to closed sessions of Council meetings.

Audio Recordings Policy

Audio recordings are made in accordance with Council Audio Recording of Council Meetings Policy (PDF).

The policy was adopted in October 2015, in accordance with regulation 33 of the Local Government (Meetings Procedures) Regulations 2015 (external link).

Among other things, the policy provides that:

  • Only meetings of Council are recorded. Recordings of meetings of the Glenorchy Planning Authority and the Audit Panel are not recorded.
  • Recordings of any closed sessions of Council meetings are made exclusively for the purpose of confirming minutes as an accurate record. Recordings of closed sessions are therefore not available to the public.