Audit Panel

The Local Government Act 1993 (external link) requires each Tasmanian council to establish an Audit Panel.

Our Audit Panel ensures that the Council is governed in an open, responsible and transparent manner and that it complies with its obligations under the relevant legislation. It does this by reviewing Council’s performance in respect of its financial systems and management, long-term plans and compliance with policies and procedures.

Governance of the Audit Panel

The Audit Panel is governed in accordance with the Audit Panel Charter of Glenorchy City Council (PDF).

Among other things, the Charter sets out:

  • the composition of the Audit Panel
  • the matters to be considered by the Audit Panel when it reviews Council’s performance, and
  • the procedures to be followed at Audit Panel meetings.

In addition, the Audit Panel is bound by the Audit Panel Code of Conduct (PDF) which has also been formally adopted by Council.

Audit Panel meetings

Meetings of the Audit Panel are closed to the general public.
This means that the public may not attend meetings, and copies of agendas and minutes of Audit Panel meetings are not available for public viewing.

Members of the Audit Panel

The Audit Panel consists of two Aldermen and three independent members with appropriate qualifications.  Members are appointed by Council, following an expression of interest process.

The current members of Council's Audit Panel are:

  • Mike Derbyshire (independent member and Chairperson)
  • David Sales (independent member)
  • Michael Stevens (independent member)
  • Alderman Peter Bull
  • Alderman Angela Ryan