Meeting Policies and Procedures


Council meetings

Meetings of Council are governed by the procedures set out in Local Government (Meeting Procedures) Regulations 2015 (external link).

Matters dealt with under the Regulations include:

  • how much notice is to be given of a Council meeting
  • who chairs a Council meeting
  • how motions are moved and debated
  • how votes are taken and the number of votes required to pass a resolution or motion.

If the Regulations don’t provide for a particular matter, Regulation 37(1) allows the Council to determine any other procedures relating to meetings that it considers appropriate.

Council has adopted its Meeting Procedures Policy which fills in the procedural gaps that the Regulations don’t cover. The Meeting Procedures Policy was most recently updated in April 2017.

View the Meeting Procedures Policy (PDF).

Glenorchy Planning Authority meetings

As a Council Committee established under the Local Government Act 1993, meetings of the Glenorchy Planning Authority are governed by the same procedures as meetings of Council.

The Regulations and Council’s Meeting Procedures Policy therefore both also apply to meetings of the Glenorchy Planning Authority.

View the relevant regulatory documents: