Overview of works program

We are committed to an annual program of capital works and one-off maintenance work.

The Capital Works program provides a brief outline of the proposed projects. The start times are indicative only, and are subject to change for a number of reasons such as resource or design program changes, weather conditions or contractor availability.

Property owners will be contacted prior to works commencing.

Roads maintenance

Glenorchy City Council maintains most road assets in the city.

These maintenance services include:

  • pothole repairs
  • road sealing
  • sign replacement
  • roundabout maintenance
  • footpath repairs
  • kerb repairs
  • roadside vegetation maintenance
  • footpath weed control
  • vandalism repairs
  • footpath sweeping in CBDs
  • road sweeping
  • cycle path maintenance
  • clean-up of oil spills and debris.


Glenorchy City Council maintains a variety of stormwater assets in the city.

These services include:

  • maintaining stormwater mains
  • maintaining access chambers and inlet pits
  • clearing blockages
  • performing repairs
  • replacements
  • maintenance of creeks, culverts and open drains. 

Please note: household stormwater pipes are the responsibility of the property owner, from the downpipe to Council's drainage pipe or kerb and channel.

Parks and recreation

Glenorchy City Council maintains a number of parks, sports fields, reserves and playground assets in the city.

These services include:

  • turf maintenance and lawn care of parks and reserves
  • street and park tree maintenance
  • playground checks
  • playground equipment repairs
  • fence repairs
  • hedge trimming
  • outdoor furniture maintenance
  • sports ground maintenance
  • vandalism repairs
  • graffiti removal
  • sports field construction and drainage
  • playground construction
  • landscaping projects
  • private works (i.e. school mowing contracts).

Facilities maintenance

Glenorchy City Council owns and maintains a number of building assets in the city.

These assets include:

  • Derwent Entertainment Centre
  • office buildings
  • halls
  • childcare centers
  • bus shelters
  • barbeques
  • public toilets

Services carried out include electrical repairs, general architecture and structural maintenance and repairs, painting, air-conditioning and mechanical maintenance and repairs, fire safety, plumbing repairs and maintenance, graffiti removal, security operations and monitoring.

For more information on how to request maintenance, see how to report a maintenance issue page.