Glenorchy City Council continues BMX Track relocation investigation

At Monday night’s meeting, Council will receive an update on progress in finding a new location for the BMX facility currently located at Berriedale.

The BMX facility, which is predominately utilised by Southern City BMX club members only, except for club member recruitment days, was flagged for relocation through a consultation process completed by Council in 2020.

In 2020, Council endorsed the Berriedale Peninsula Masterplan to set a vision for the Peninsula that balances the community’s need for recreation and public amenities with broader economic development and cultural opportunities afforded by the site’s proximity to Mona and its patrons. 

The Masterplan seeks to ensure that locals and visitors can enjoy the Berriedale Peninsula, whether they are looking for exercise or entertainment.

In the Masterplan, Council identified land on the Peninsula that is suitable for redevelopment to create jobs and economic growth for our City.

To unlock this development, Council agreed to assist to relocate the club-based BMX facility at Berriedale, and since then Council has been working with the Club to secure a new home for its users.

It had long been envisaged that the BMX track would be relocated to Tolosa Park as part of a co-location of bicycle-related facilities there, with the ambition to create a national standard facility that could host national events.

However, a detailed site investigation conducted on the proposed location within Tolosa Park identified that significant works would be required to accommodate the facility at this location.  It was estimated that such works would cost approximately $2.1 million, far exceeding the project’s proposed budget. 

Council continues to lead investigations and work with the sporting club to secure a fit-for-purpose site.