Parking in Glenorchy

We have a range of on and off-street parking throughout Glenorchy.

There are signs that show when parking rules apply (that is, if you can’t park or stop, or there is a time limit).

If there are no parking signs or road markings in an area, parking is generally unrestricted. However, please check carefully to see if there are restrictions where you are parking, so that you don’t get a fine.

You can see the available parking in Glenorchy and Moonah CBDs, as well as around KGV Stadium and the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool on our parking map (PDF).

From May 2022, parking sensors are being trialled in the Glenorchy CBD area which has a high flow of traffic and multiple 15 minute parking areas. These sensors create more accurate data for vehicles entering and leaving the parking bays accessing smart technology under the road installed as part of the CBD Revitalisation project. For FAQs on parking sensors, click here.