FOGO collection

We have a fortnightly FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics) kerbside collection service.   To confirm your collection day please visit our Waste Collection Map and type in your address.

Currently in Glenorchy, more than 50 per cent of our general waste collection (which goes to landfill) is made up of FOGO waste. This adds up to more than 4,000 tonnes of organic waste a year.

For more information about FOGO, including how to get the most out of the service, visit our waste website for FOGO FAQs or watch our How To FOGO videos on YouTube.

What goes in your FOGO bin

We will collect:

• Food scraps – vegetables, seafood (including all seafood shells e.g oyster, crayfish), dairy, meat and bones (cooked or raw), teabags (but not the pyramid-type teabags), coffee grounds and egg shells, small amounts of oils and fats;

• Garden waste – grass clippings, leaves, bark, twigs, plants and weeds (including diseased and noxious weeds as FOGO is processed at high temperatures);

• Shredded paper, paper towels, paper napkins, tissues, cotton wool balls (if 100% cotton) and cotton buds with wooden sticks;

• Food-contaminated or food soiled cardboard (e.g. pizza boxes with food on them);

• Personal cuttings – hair from hairbrushes or haircuts, and nail clippings; and

• Animal waste – such as pet hair, poo, organic / natural kitty litter and soiled paper from bird cages;

We will NOT collect:

• Plastics (not even bio-degradable plastic bags – only green compostable bags are ok – look for the compostable logo)

• Nappies

• Fabric (e.g. clothing)

• Dryer lint (this is because it will contain man-made fibres such as nylon or polyester)

• Vacuum cleaner bag contents

• Hard waste or broken household items, like furniture or plates and cups

• Plastic take-away containers

• Hazardous or contaminated waste, like asbestos

• Thick branches

• Anything that is currently allowed to go in your recycling bin

• FOGO bins which are overflowing, weigh more than 70kg and/or which contain any of the unacceptable material listed above.

We encourage everyone to recycle their food waste and garden waste (if applicable), and all households will get a FOGO wheelie bin and kitchen caddy.

But we recognise that some people might not need or be able to use the FOGO service. If you  meet one of the below criteria, you can apply to be exempt from the FOGO service:

  • You already compost your own food/garden waste or produce very little.
  • You are in financial hardship and simply can’t afford the FOGO service (in which case you will still get the FOGO bin but may be exempt from the FOGO fee or other Council fees).
  • You have exceptional or unusual circumstances which make a FOGO service unreasonable or impractical.

You can read more about the FOGO exemption criteria here (PDF).

How to apply

If you apply for an exemption you will need to provide original photographs, or other materials, to demonstrate how your property qualifies for an exemption.

Download the exemption application form (PDF), and either mail it, along with supporting evidence, or bring it to Council chambers at 374 Main Road Glenorchy.

You can also call our Customer Service team to have a copy of the form mailed to you.