Hobart City Deal

The Hobart City Deal is a 10-year partnership between the Glenorchy, Clarence, Hobart and Kingborough councils and the Tasmanian and Australian Governments.

The City Deal provides a framework to guide and encourage further investment across Greater Hobart, embracing opportunities for growth and addressing key strategic and infrastructure challenges. The Hobart City Deal Implementation Plan is a rolling three year action plan to support the delivery of the commitments identified in the Hobart City Deal.

What does the City Deal mean for Glenorchy?

Glenorchy City Council is encouraging the $25 million allocated in the City Deal to the Northern Suburbs Transit Corridor (the disused railway lines that run through the northern suburbs) be used to establish passenger rail services between Granton and the Hobart CBD. The activation of the rail line would improve access to Glenorchy and its suburbs, reduce traffic congestion and drive investment in our City. 

We also want to make sure that replacement of the Bridgewater Bridge does not divert too much money from other important projects which will have more benefits for Glenorchy and the rest of the Greater Hobart region (for example, by upgrading the existing bridge for a lower cost, rather than building a new one).

We are also promoting the Greater Hobart Digital Twin project and the Greater Hobart Smart Precincts Strategy, initiatives which will support the digital transformation of Greater Hobart.

For more information about initiatives and work being undertaken by Council in this area, visit the Greater Hobart Strategic Partnership page


The four councils jointly fund the role of the Executive Officer, Greater Hobart Strategic Partnership to support them to implement the Greater Hobart Act and Hobart City Deal. For further information about the Greater Hobart Strategic Partnership, contact Kat Panjari, Executive Officer at panjarik@hobartcity.com.au