Tolosa dam

Tolosa dam takes up a large part of Tolosa park but it does not provide a clean water supply to the people of Glenorchy. We need to move to water storage tanks and remove the dam. We are working with TasWater to come up with a plan to turn the area into open space. 

After talking to the community about what you wanted from a redevelopment, there were quite a few areas to focus on. These included:

  •  Shade areas 
  • Access 
  • Children’s play facilities 
  • Dog walking and facilities 
  • Family friendly 
  • Skate facilities
  • Water features and activity
  • Cycling, MTB, and BMX facilities

When all the feedback was taken in, it was clear that despite cost concerns, the approach the community preferred was one that looked at the entire park. We are developing a Masterplan look at Tolosa park as a whole, and the changes to the dam will be part of that. 

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