Driveways are a part of your property, so that means you’re responsible for maintaining it all the way to the street. This includes where it crosses over the footpath.

If we’re told that a driveway is damaged in the crossover area, and may be dangerous to the public, we will ask you to fix it within a certain amount of time.

Driveway locations

Every property is allowed to have one driveway from each road that it touches. If you want a second driveway, you need to submit a development application.

Building or changing a driveway

Before building or changing  a driveway, you must complete a Property Access Works Application (PDF). We will write to let you know if your application has been approved or refused.  

Construction of the driveway must be done by a registered contractor and it must meet the Urban Roads Typical Driveway standard (PDF).

Scraping driveways

If your car scrapes as it enters and/or exits your driveway, you can fill the driveway with extra concrete (as shown in the diagram below). You can’t use metal plates or anything to cover the crossing. Before you do any work, you need an approved Property Access Works Application (PDF).