Footpath Trading in Glenorchy

Council supports local businesses enhancing the way they trade outside their business, while still providing footpath areas that are safe, convenient and accessible to the community. Our Footpath Trading Policy and Guidelines will help you understand what businesses can and can’t do on footpaths in the Glenorchy municipality. It’s important to be aware of the policy rules and guidelines to keep everybody safe when using public footpaths. 

Check out our ‘How To guide’ at the bottom of the page.

Location of Footpath Trading 

Footpath trading needs to occur away from the building line which must be kept clear under the Disability Discrimination Act. This means, for example, a person with visual disabilities can safely follow the building line without obstruction. Footpath trading occurs next to the kerb leaving a suitable path for pedestrians and path users (e.g mobility scooters, wheelchairs and prams). 

Types of Footpath Trading 

 Footpath trading activities that are considered are: 

  • Outside dining (tables and chairs placed on the footpath) 
  • Sale of goods (such as an outdoor table with products for sale in front of a business) 
  • Portable signs such as A frame signage as part of business advertising* 

Council supports local businesses in broadening the way they trade however any trade on public footpaths must follow certain guidelines to keep everybody safe. A permit is required for outdoor dining and sale of goods.  *Portable signage does not require a permit but must be in accordance with the policy and guidelines.   



For more information please contact Council to speak to the Transport Engineer 

How to apply for Footpath Trading in Glenorchy


Read the Footpath Trading Policy and Guidelines

Make sure you understand how to comply with the Footpath Trading Policy. It’s important that all businesses follow the rules to keep patrons and pedestrians safe while trading.


Complete an application form

If you would like to apply on behalf of your business for outside dining or sale of goods in Glenorchy, please complete the application form.

Application for outside dining or sale of goods on Council footpaths

You do not have to complete the application form if you want to have portable signage on the footpath. You just need to complete Step 1.

Submit your application form to Council by

  • Email:
  • Mail: PO Box 103, Glenorchy TAS 7010
  • In person: Our Customer Service Centre is located at 374 Main Road Glenorchy and is open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm.

Final Outcome

Once Council has received your application, you will be contacted by one of our officers. They may ask you for more information or clarify some of the details with you.

If you are successful you will receive a permit from Council and a request for payment. There is no application fee.