Glenorchy War Memorial Pool

Thank you for your interest in the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool.

Council understands some people are upset that the pool has had to be closed. However, the 60 year old facility is not safe for use and repair would not be a wise use of ratepayer funds.

We are upset about this too and we are committed to working together with the community, and other levels of government, on a solution.

Council is investigating options for the future of the site, including replacing the pool. This investigation is anticipated to be completed by 31 March 2024.

Council is committed to listening to the community and will ask you to share your thoughts and ideas as part of this project.

More information can be found below, including answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), Council meeting reports on the pool, consultant reports, answers to questions raised by members of the public in Council meetings and media releases.

Glenorchy City Council has released the insights report compiled by the consultants investigating options for the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool.

After a number of community engagement opportunities by consultants MI Global Partners, the report found that the community is in favour of having a pool on the site in the longer term.

Glenorchy Mayor Bec Thomas said Council urged Glenorchy residents and ratepayers to read the report which was now on the council’s website.

“Council promised the community would be engaged as part of its decision-making regarding the future of the pool site, and this report compiled by MI Global Partners summarises that engagement and feedback from the community.

“MI Global Partners will now further assess the community’s preferred options which all include aquatic facilities.  They will then seek further, community input for the pool site before presenting an options report to Council.

“We know people have strong views on the future of the pool site and I am pleased this process has allowed community to have their say.

“All up, almost 950 people completed a survey on their preference for the site, with targeted engagement also undertaken as part of the engagement process.”

The engagement insights report can be found here – Glenorchy War Memorial Pool Engagement Insights Report

MI Global engaged with community on the future of the pool during February and March.

The first stage of engagement started on 27 February and included community pop-ups, a community session, and an online survey.

The second phase will include interviews, workshops and project updates throughout mid-March – June.  Details on these sessions will be released once the dates, times and venues have been finalised.

If you have any questions on the engagement, please contact MI Global via email at

Preservation of current pool shell (Monday 25 March 2024)

Council has had aquatic engineering specialist, Lacus, inspect the pool in recent weeks in preparation for the repair works to be undertaken with the recent $5M State election funding commitments.

As part of this inspection, Council sought advice on whether the pool shell needed to be filled with water to protect its structural integrity.

The advice received is that the risk associated with an empty shell is that ground water may build up underneath, which could subsequently push the floor of the pool shell up (without the weight of the pool water to hold it down) and cause cracking.

However, rather than refill the pool, the advice from Lacus is to install a series of Hydrostatic Relief Valves on the floor of the pool.  These valves will open if there is an excessive build up of water pressure underneath the pool shell whilst it is empty, to mitigate any risk of cracking.

The technical specification for the installation of the relief valves is currently being prepared, and the installation works will be undertaken ASAP, using Council funds.

The relief valves will also provide ongoing benefits for the pool, given it needs to stay empty during the planned repair works, and will be emptied each year for maintenance.

As an update to the above announcement of the Mayor on 25 March 2024, Council advises that these core holes were drilled on Monday 8 April in accordance with the engineer’s specification.  Now that these holes are drilled the risk of water pressure building up underneath the pool is mitigated.  They hydrostatic relief values will be installed into the core holes in the coming months as part of the pool renovation project, which will allow the pool to be refilled following the renovations.

Please click below to view frequently asked questions about the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool (last updated May 2024).

Glenorchy City Council received a petition signed by a sufficient number of electors to require a public meeting to be held to address Glenorchy War Memorial Pool related concerns, including the urgent repair and reopening.

The meeting was held on Wednesday, 27 March 2024 at 6pm at King George V (KGV) Function Centre, 1A Anfield Street, Glenorchy.

A number of written submissions were received, and community members were also able to make submissions and ask questions on the night.

You can view the meeting materials here:

A report will be presented at the 29 April 2024 Council meeting.

Please click below to view questions asked at Council meetings regarding the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool, and responses.

April 2024

Council Report:

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December 2023

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August 2023

Council report:

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Council held a Community Yarn on Tuesday 17 October at the Moonah Arts Centre. 63 community members attended.
Mayor Bec Thomas provided a brief overview of recent Council projects completed and current projects underway, including the Montrose Bay Skate Park, Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park upgrades, Tolosa Dam reintegration, footpath, road and stormwater upgrades and Glenorchy Pool.

The transcript of the Mayor’s presentation on the Glenorchy Pool can be found here.

A Q&A session was held on the Glenorchy Pool. Council’s General Manager Tony McMullen and Director Infrastructure and Development Emilio Reale provided information during the session (as well as an external pool consultant).The following elected members attended to hear from community members: Ald Stuart Slade, Ald Steven King, Cr Molly Kendall, Cr Harry Quick, Ald Jan Dunsby, Ald Russell Yaxley and Ald Shane Alderton.

The transcript of the Q&A session can be found here.

April 2024

A letter was sent to the Premier, the Minister for Sport and Recreation with a copy to all members of Clark regarding funding to repair and reopen the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool.