How do I recycle?

Recycling is a way that we can keep valuable materials out of landfill which leaves space for items that can’t be recycled.  

By recycling correctly, you help unwanted products or packaging to be sent to businesses who can turn them into other products.  This helps our planet because it reduces the need to extract virgin (often non-renewable) resources.

When factories make things with recycled materials, it reduces the amount of minerals dug up and trees cut down.  It also saves energy, reduces water use and cuts the amount of pollution and greenhouse gases we create.

Glenorchy’s Council’s kerbside recycling service takes paper, cardboard, hard plastic, glass and metal containers plus drink cartons with triangle/gable tops (e.g. milk cartons but not juice boxes).  For other items, there are many options for recycling in Glenorchy:   

We run a free recycling drop off centre at Jackson Street Landfill. The drop off area is located just after the landfill entrance on the left before the tollbooth.  Please note there is no commercial drop off.

Drop off items include:

  • car/household batteries
  • empty paint tins
  • aluminium and tin cans
  • oil and gas containers and bottles
  • flares and EPIRBs
  • paper and cardboard
  • glass
  • plastics

The Jackson Street Landfill also recycles residential mattresses, car and truck tyres, metals, white goods e.g broken refrigerators, garden waste, construction and demolition waste, and some types of hazardous household waste.

The Resource Recovery centre is located just before the entrance to the landfill on the right hand side. The centre is independently managed and will accept almost all items suitable for re-sale. This includes electronic waste (computers, audio visual, electrical items and peripherals).

For a searchable map of local recycling options for hundreds of different items, including electronic waste (eWaste), old medicine and other hard to recycle items, visit our interactive Waste Map and type in the name of the item you want to recycle.

We have teamed up with Recycle Coach to provide you with a free, easy to use smart phone app that includes a personalised waste, recycling and FOGO collection calendar, can send you reminders on when to put your bins out and public holidays and changes to waste collections, plus lots of useful information on ‘what goes where’.  Notifications can be turned off at any time. Download this free app from your App Store or Google Play.

Major supermarket chains are no longer able to accept or collect soft plastics due to the REDcycle scheme no longer being in operation.

Please DO NOT place soft plastics in your Recycling Bin, they cannot be recycled by the kerbside collection method.

Until a solution is found soft plastics are to be placed in your Waste Wheelie Bin.

Mobile Muster

We participate in the Mobile Muster recycling program and provide a drop off service in Council Chambers for the disposal of old phones, chargers, wireless internet devices, smart watches, fitness trackers and VR headsets and accessories. Other drop off locations are located in a number of schools around Glenorchy.  For more information, visit the Mobile Muster website.


Terracycle offer a wide range of recycling programs for individuals,  schools and businesses in the Glenorchy area. For more information, please visit the Terracycle website.