Natural areas

Did you know that Glenorchy has a beach? And at least two scenic waterfalls? We forget that this area north of Greater Hobart is more than just a city that provides locals and businesses with the services they need. It sometimes takes an expert or a passionate local to remind our visitors of the extensive natural beauty that we have on offer.

Here are just a few things you can do to explore Glenorchy:

  • discover scenic beauty driving through Collinsvale
  • walk through the Myrtle Forest and visit the falls
  • visit Goulds Lagoon wetlands
  • ride or walk the North South Track
  • head to Tolosa Park to relax, take a walk, have a barbeque and enjoy the scenery
  • hop on a bike at Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park in the foothills of Mount Wellington. This is prime mountain biking territory and also ideal for walks in Tolosa Park and beyond.

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