No-Spray Register

We operate an urban weed control program  which aims to control vegetation and weeds on urban streets, footpaths, kerb, gutters and property frontages in Glenorchy municipality. The program includes the use of herbicides.

There are two main spray cycles per year, which are based on the life cycle of the weeds and aimed at stopping any spread of seeds. Generally, spraying is carried out in September/October and March/April as well as targeted weed treatment throughout the year.

If you do not want us to spray on the road reserve in front of or alongside your property you can apply to be listed on the No Spray Register.
Residents of Glenorchy* are able to request that the Glenorchy City Council cease using herbicides on Council land adjacent to their private property. Residents making this request would then be required to assume the responsibility for weed control on the Council property.

*Property owners must be aware and in agreement if the property is currently leased or rented.

The Glenorchy City Council will maintain a register of applicants and periodically inspect sites to ensure that they are being maintained. If the area is not being maintained to a satisfactory degree, the Council may resume responsibility for the maintenance of the land using herbicides if necessary.