Dog exercise areas

There are many areas in Glenorchy for you to exercise your dog. Regular exercise can provide wonderful benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Council has an interactive map that provides details on locations near you where you can access on-lead and off lead areas, and where dogs are not allowed. Council has also made the map into a downloadable PDF. Both of these maps can be accessed using the buttons below.

Please remember to keep your dog under effective control at all times.

If you would prefer a list of all affected areas, this can be found below:

SiteLocationProperty/Asset ID/At Leisure ID
Goulds LagoonMain Road, Granton2004267
Poimena Reserve Wakehurst Road, Austins Ferry (Southwestern Corner Bushland)5347636
Wellington Park ReserveWellington Park Reserve434

SiteLocationProperty/Asset ID/At Leisure ID
Abbotsfield Park Sports GroundDewar Place, Claremont5317592
Acton Crescent ReserveActon Crescent, Goodwood7210932
1 Alcorso DriveAlcorso Drive, Berriedale1450345
Alkoo Circle ReserveAlkoo Circle, Chigwell5296365
Allunga Road Clubroom SportsgroundAllunga Road, Chigwell3312253
AYC Netball Centre Fletcher Avenue, Moonah5408646
Berriedale Centre HallMain Road, Berriedale5328814
Berriedale Centre Car ParkMain Road, Berriedale7798430
Berriedale Road ReserveBerriedale Road, Berriedale1661927
Booth Avenue Council LandBooth Avenue, Glenorchy1638866
Branscombe Road Recreation AreaBranscombe Road, Claremont2610750
Brendan Crescent ReserveBrendan Crescent, Austins Ferry7106553
Cadbury Sports GroundsCadbury Road, Claremont5306260
Chapel Street CreekChapel Street, Glenorchy2538090
Chigwell Community HouseBucaan Street, Claremont (land adjacent to Community House)7336658
Claremont Recreation Grounds Main Road, Claremont7765014
Collinsvale Hall Reserve Sports Oval14 Hall Road, Collinsvale (sports oval only)1946578
Driscoll Street ReserveDriscoll Street, Claremont5317971
Ebden Street Public SpaceEbden Street, Claremont1427583
Eighth Avenue Reserve (West)21a Eighth Avenue, West Moonah5423635
Eighth Avenue Reserve (East)18a Eighth Avenue, West Moonah5423416
Elwick Bay BoardwalkElwick Bay, Glenorchy3150477
Glenorchy Recreation Sports GroundsEady Street, Glenorchy5365703
Hilton Road Public Recreation SpaceHilton Road, Claremont (adjacent also to Mason Street)5321743
Innovation Drive Foreshore ReserveInnovation Drive, Dowsing Point1964514
Islington Road Drainage Reserve42 Islington Road, Glenorchy1652553
Jackson Street Waste Disposal SiteJackson Street, Glenorchy2713936
Kalang Avenue Horse Riding Club500 Kalang Avenue, Glenorchy5377683
Kalang Avenue Utility Site511 Kalang Avenue, Glenorchy5377800
King George V Park Sports GroundsGrove Road, Glenorchy7431751
Leonard Avenue PlaygroundLeonard Avenue, Moonah5434035
Mill Road Dam49a Mill Road, Collinsvale3317089
Moss Park Drive Land2a Moss Park Drive, Newtown1638997
Newman Court, No. 11Newman Court, Berriedale2680177
North Chigwell Sports GroundsAllunga Road, Chigwell3312253
Prince of Wales Bay Recreation GroundsGepp Parade, Derwent Park2145385
Shoobridge Park (sport oval only)Austins Ferry Road, Austins Ferry5328144
Springfield Circle Park CooindaSpringfield Avenue, West Moonah5445789
St Mathews ChurchMain Road, Glenorchy2645486
The Intercity CyclewayAdjacent to Main Road through Municipality3440992
Tolosa Park Tolosa Street, Glenorchy3491773
Wariga Road Reserve (North)Wariga Road, Glenorchy5401348
West Moonah Community HouseSpringfield Avenue, West Moonah7712318
West Moonah Community Sheds and GardenSpringfield Avenue, West Moonah5452022
Whitestone DriveWhitestone Drive, Granton1777962

SiteLocationProperty/Asset ID/At Leisure ID
Anear Court Reserve Anear Court, Lutana (north of Anear Court)7877083, 1470450
Arunta Crescent Reserve Arunta Crescent, Chigwell (from Karambi Street to Berriedale Road)2894407
Austins Ferry Park 261 Main Rd, Austins Ferry (adjacent to Timber Court) 7657902
Barrett Street Council LandBarrett Street, Glenorchy7776637
Berriedale Foreshore Reserve (Nth) Off Alcorso Drive, Berriedale (adjacent to Berriedale Foreshore Reserve South)7712262
Berriedale Foreshore Reserve (Sth) Off Alcorso Drive, Berriedale2250417
Box Hill Road Reserve Power Line easement between Box Hill Road and Battersby Drive, Claremont7182468
Brent Street ReserveBrent Street, Glenorchy325
Cairnduff Reserve Brent Street, Glenorchy (north of Brent Street)2972487
Camden Crescent Reserve Camden Crescent, Moonah5414069
Catherine Street Reserve Catherine Street, Chigwell5308442
Chapel St Dog ParkChapel Street, Glenorchy2070416
Collinsvale Dog Park14 Hall Road, Collinsvale (specified fenced dog exercise area)1946578
Elliot Road Reservoir Reserve Elliot Road to Montrose Road7777007
Elwick Bay Foreshore601b Brooker Highway, Glenorchy2984111
Gepp Parade River Reserve Gepp Parade, Goodwood (north of Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Grounds)2145385
Gerrard Street ReserveGerrard Street, Moonah5428129
Glenorchy Recreation Reserve Bowden Street, Glenorchy (entrance from Bowden Street – dogs Restricted at all times on Eady Street sports fields)1643657
James Austin ParkAustins Ferry Road, Austins Ferry2047398
Jim Bacon Memorial Reserve Devines Road, West Moonah 5364524
Katoomba ReserveKatoomba Crescent, Montrose1883992
Kestrel Street Reserve5 Kestrel Street, Claremont5324450
Lang Place ReserveLang Place, Glenorchy (entrance also from Hudson Crescent)5375872
Lutana Woodlands ReserveBowen Road, Lutana (also accessed off Lennox Ave)7877104, 7211628, 5435118, 5435126
Montrose Foreshore Community Park Brooker Avenue, Montrose2060752
Montrose Road Reserve Montrose Road, Montrose (west adjacent of Pitcairn Street)1708991
Norman Circle Reserve Norman Circle, Glenorchy5386766
Ripley Road Powerline Easement Ripley Road, West Moonah (west of Ripley Road only)1608552
Ripley Road Reserve 53a Ripley Road, West Moonah1639711
Tolosa Street Reservoir Tolosa Street, Glenorchy (south side of Tolosa St, cleared area behind reservoir tanks only)3491773
Wariga Road Reserve (South)Wariga Road, Glenorchy5400900
Wariga Road Public Space (East)Wariga Road, Glenorchy1608528, 1608536
Windermere Bay Reserve (Knights Point)Adjacent to 5 Kestrel Street, Claremont5324442
Weston Park Austins Ferry Road, Austins Ferry5328144
Wilkinson’s Point Pavilion Area 601a Brooker Highway, Glenorchy2984138

    SiteLocationProperty/Asset ID/At Leisure ID
Addison Street Public SpaceAddison Street, Rosetta5423774
Amy Street ReserveWalch Avenue, West Moonah (entrance from Amy Street, Walch Avenue, Bermuka Street, Eleventh Avenue, Wilkie Court, and Dent Court)5423774
Balmain Street ReserveBalmain Street, Glenorchy (walking track leading to Main Road adjacent to Humphreys Rivulet Riparian Reserve)5353016
Barclay Crescent, No. 9Barclay Crescent, Rosetta5300205
Barossa Road Council LandBarossa Road, Glenorchy7390128
Barossa Road Island Reserve Barossa Road, Glenorchy 5353534
Barossa Road Public SpaceBarossa Road, Glenorchy5353681
Battersby Road ReserveBattersby Road, Claremont7328455
Beedhams ReserveMain Road, Claremont1608544
Benjafield ParkHopkins Street, Moonah1172349
Bethune Street Public SpaceBethune Street, Chigwell3047496
Bournville Crescent ReserveBournville Crescent, Claremont494
Box Hill Rd Reserve Box Hill Rd, Claremont (between Box Hill Road and Cullen Street)5304230
Box Hill Road, No. 105Box Hill Road, Claremont7182468
Brenock Court ReserveBrenock Court, Glenorchy5356954
Brent Street Reserve Brent Street, Glenorchy (South of Brent Street)7776645
Cadbury Road ForeshoreSouth of Falcon Road, Claremont1814866
Canberra Road ReserveCanberra Road, Claremont7764214
Carnegie Street ReserveCarnegie Street, Claremont5307917
Chandos Drive Public SpaceChandos Drive, Berriedale5452292
Coleman Street LandColeman Street, Moonah5418457
Collinsvale Hall Reserve14 Hall Road, Collinsvale (outside of specified dog park and not on sports oval)1946578
Collinsvale Road Recreation GroundCollinsvale Road, Collinsvale5312062
Connewarre Bay ReserveConnewarre Crescent, Berriedale7712270
Connewarre Crescent ReserveAdjacent to Connewarre Crescent, Berriedale7653346
Council Chambers ForecourtMain Road, Glenorchy2645478
Crosby Road Reserve, Hone Road and Officer Street.Adjacent to Crosby Road, Rosetta5315490, 5315482, 5337833, 5315511, 5322340
Cullen Street Reserve Cullen Street, Claremont5316020
Curlew Parade Foreshore ReserveCurlew Parade, Claremont (also adjacent to Cadbury Road)5316178
Cutler Place ReserveCutler Place, West Moonah5421293
Dowsing Point ReservePark Road, Dowsing Point (separation required from BBQ and play equipment)7876531
Fern Court ReserveFern Court, Claremont5319811
Flamenco Circle ParkFlamenco Circle, Glenorchy7596951
Gale Street ReserveWindsor Street, Glenorchy (southern end of Windsor Street)261
Gerrard Street Recreation SpaceCreek Road, Moonah (adjacent to rivulet)5427679
Giblins Reserve Gepp Parade, Goodwood2060701
Girl Guide Hall Booth Avenue, Glenorchy (gardens only)3002968
Glenlusk Road ReserveGlenlusk Road, Collinsvale5320388
Glenmore Street ReserveGlenmore Street, Rosetta7283795
Goodwood Park ReserveHoward Road, Goodwood5374976
Hestercombe Road, No. 15 Hestercombe Road, Granton1692627
Humphreys Rivulet Riparian ReserveBalmain Street, Glenorchy1712077
Jameson Street Public SpaceJames Street, Glenorchy5377595
Knights Point ReserveKestrel Street, Claremont (Windermere Track Commencement)58866
Lallaby Road ReserveLallaby Road, Lutana1458048
Loftus Street ReserveLoftus Street, West Moonah5381113, 5381180
Milburn Place ReserveMilburn Place, Glenorchy5384226
Montrose Road Reserve Montrose Road, Montrose (east adjacent of Pitcairn Street)1709046
Murrayfield Court Council LandMurrayfield Court, Glenorchy7441757
N.R. Pearce ReserveCollinsvale Road, Collinsvale7835916
Nambour Place ReserveNambour Place, Glenorchy136
Parramore Street ReserveParramore Street, Rosetta5338342
Peacock Court ReservePeacock Court, Rosetta5339046
Pitcairn Street, No 151Pitcairn Street, Montrose1614020
Poimena Skyline Reserve incorporating Wakehurst Road ReserveEnd of Wakehurst Road, Austins Ferry (north of concrete tank)3088271
Poimena ReserveWakehurst Road (northeast of bushland)5347636
Rosbar Street ReserveRosbar Street, Claremont5340805
Roseneath ParkMain Road, Austins Ferry5330471
Shiraz Court ReserveShiraz Court, Berriedale1964717
Shoobridge Park – Outside Sports OvalAustins Ferry Road, Austins Ferry5328144
Sanctuary Road Open SpaceSanctuary Road, Granton1706785
St Aubyn Square Recreation GroundSt Aubyn Square, Moonah7877091
Stourton Street, No. 29Stourton Street, Rosetta9760543
Taree Street ReserveTaree Street, Chigwell5344697
Tenth Avenue Public SpaceTenth Avenue, West Moonah5448939
Tenth Avenue to Vieste DriveVieste Drive, Glenorchy258
The Grove ReserveBrooker Highway, Glenorchy2060744, 2060760, 481
Wariga Road Public Space (East)Wariga Road, Glenorchy1608499
Wesley Place ReserveWesley Place, Chigwell198751
Westfield Street ReserveWestfield Street, Claremont5348778
Weston Place ReserveWeston Place, Montrose5401479
Windermere Bay Foreshore ReserveCadbury Road, Claremont 2245351
Windsor Street ReserveWindsor Street, Glenorchy5402033
Wyndham Road ReserveWyndham Road, Claremont5349834