Street lights

Glenorchy City Council is responsible for setting appropriate lighting levels on our streets and in our parks and reserves. TasNetworks install, operate and maintain the streetlights on Council’s behalf.

Faulty street lights

Any faults with street lights should be reported directly to TasNetworks on 132 004 or via the link below. If possible, please provide the following details to TasNetworks:

  • the 6-digit number on the pole
  • the name of the street and the nearest house number to the light.

Report a street light fault (external site)

Street light faults can vary, from a light simply not working, to it becoming dimmer over time, to damage due to vandalism. In some cases a light may not switch off during daytime due to a switching fault.

Lighting levels

Council has a street lighting policy (PDF) that provides guidance on the level of lighting appropriate for different areas. Generally, areas with more pedestrian or vehicular activity will have higher lighting levels than areas that have less activity.

If you have a question about lighting levels in an area, you can contact us.